#NYGyoga. Checa este hashtag buena onda que inspira el amor propio en Instagram – Apolorama

#NYGyoga. Checa este hashtag buena onda que inspira el amor propio en Instagram

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En esta ocasión, el mame viene por parte de la cuenta “Nude Yoga Girl” de Insta y se trata de una comunidad dedicada a repartir la buena vibra en internet, así como a inspirar el amor propio.

Sus inicios datan de Noviembre de 2015 y en un mes (aproximadamente) logró los 30k seguidores, al día de hoy, casi dos años después, cuenta con una comunidad de 697k seguidores. Ha inspirado a poco más de 800 mujeres con el hashtag #NYGyoga y tiene 478 publicaciones.

Si eres afín a la vida en equilibrio y practicas algo de esto, deberías darte una vuelta por esta cuenta y disfrutar de la increíble composición que hacen el cuerpo humano y las actividades de meditación.

When I was younger I thought that my boobs were too small. I wanted to have beauty surgery because I was scared I would never find a boyfriend who likes me excatly the way I am. I was jelous of all my friends who had nice breasts (everyone else but not me, I thought). I was ashamed of my body. When I did modeling I hated my wide shoulders so much because I was always too big for many interesting dream jobs. And then I heard how the team needed to photoshop my left ribs (because they stick out) and in beauty shots I saw how my neck was made longer. And so on.
That was reality, I was just under 20 and I only saw faults in my body. Things that should be fixed so that I would be better. I wasn't enough of that or that. And I know personally that there are so many models who are very insecure with their bodies. So when someone doubts how I can be insecure, I would like to really show how much energy and joy that has taken away from my life.
I want to say, it doesn't matter how you look. In this world you get the idea that you are not enough, never enough. It might not be the body for you, but have you felt not being enough in something in your life? Those who know me they could never believe that I would do this kind of pictures one day.
I'm grateful that nowadays I can say I love myself excatly the way I am even if my breasts and shoulders are the same. Yoga helped me the most. And for the last years I've been free from weighing, counting calories, diets and stress about my outlooks in my everyday life. That has had a positive affect. I take care of myself because I want to help my body to work well, I live in it.
Everything starts from our mind. We all have a different history, background and experiences. Feelings can't be compared. There are no persons that have a "right" bodytype or who are more suitable to speak about body positivity, we struggle with the same things, with ourself. The most important things is that we are enough for ourselves and that's the most difficult thing for all of us. #NYGyoga
"The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt by heart." ❤ -Helen Keller
I like that I can take the photo myself this way and share it with you whenever I feel like it. By using mirrors! It's not going to be only yoga but different kind of things too... I have some ideas on my mind. ? #alwaysnude
(ps. If you are wondering... everything is good between me and my boyfriend! ❤?)
Mother Teresa said: "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." ❤ I love this kind of thinking because there is a ripple effect in everything... Especially in kindness. ❤️

"Lovely thing to learn from water: Adjust yourself in every situation and in any shape. But most importantly, find your own way to flow." ❤

One question once a week... What are your most important values in life? ❤
"She wore a thousand faces all to hide her own." ❤

Yoga is creative. It stimulates creativity in your mind, gives inspiration and you really can get new ideas by practicing yoga. Practice shuts out overstimulation and releases space for thoughts. But I think yoga is also a creative practice itself. You can listen to your inner voice and your intuition and let it quide you. Just make asanas that feel good, connect different poses together with your breath in a creative flow. I love it.
And at the end, yoga gives courage to trust yourself. You can't be very creative if you are scared to step and think outside of the box... Yoga has helped me turn down my inner critic. It brings out my more playful self.?
Thank you @lifestyleretreats for the beautiful stay. #PassionforLife #TheSantaiUmalas

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#NYGyoga. Checa este hashtag buena onda que inspira el amor propio en Instagram

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